Make Your Pledge

The “Pledge for Peace” campaign is a yearlong drive where each and every South African can now participate nationwide.

We start off the campaign by asking the question, “What does peace mean to you?”

As peace means different things to different people, those answers could be as diverse as the fight against poverty, crime, domestic violence, racism, xenophobia, etc.

We encourage you to go out into your own community and proactively initiate a corresponding action to the cause that resonates with you. Some examples could be planting a herb garden in a poverty-stricken community, building an animal shelter, environmental cleanups, visiting the aged…

The list is endless and your action is up to you.

Peace Starts offers the platform where people can post their documented actions in either video, photo, blog or facebook comment format.

Another platform Peace Starts has initiated is a Soundcloud page, where musicians, professional or aspiring, can contribute an original song that has a positive message of peace and upload it there.

To keep the awareness of the International Day of Peace alive for longer than just the one day, we welcome multiple pledges from around South Africa between now and 20 September, 2013.

Every action, no matter how small, when added together, will make a big difference.

How can I pledge for peace?

  1. Answer the question, “What does peace mean to me?”
  2. Choose an action that could initiate the answer. Whether it’s an activity you could do on your own, with friends, family or colleagues or with a registered NGO or organization, the choice is yours.
    1. Examples:
      1. If the fight against hunger is what peace means to you, plant a herb garden with your community members.
      2. If pollution is an issue in your surroundings, then organise a “pick up litter”day in your neighbourhood.
      3. If cultural intolerance upsets you, make a point of meeting a stranger outside of your comfort zone.
      4. If domestic violence is something you feel passionate about, volunteer at an organization that addresses the issue.
  3. Go out and follow through on the action!
  4. Document your action by either filming, photographing, commenting, blogging or writing a song or poem about it.
  5. Register with us and post!
    1. For video, photo and comment entry click here.
      1. If you’re not on Facebook, click here (hyperlink to website media post) to post.
    2. For blog or poetry entry click here.
    3. For a song entry click here.
  6. Register for our newsletter to keep you updated on the campaign

The Pledge for Peace campaign will not

  • accept negative or defamatory submissions that do not align themselves with the principles of Peace Starts or the campaign.
  • accept submissions that advertise commercial brands and products.
  • accept submissions that promote or slander religious institutions, political parties or similar.
  • accept material that contains nudity, profanity or illegal actions.

Should any of the above be posted, Peace Starts reserves the right to remove that and any other submission that does not align with the principles of the campaign.

Peace Starts will not be held responsible for any submissions deemed offensive to anyone.

The submissions posted by the members of the public are not necessarily the views of Peace Starts.

Download the Pledge for Peace document here.

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